Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spirit Halloween Store

Went to the Spirit Halloween Store in Charlottesville, VA yesterday. Saw some pretty cool stuff, all I bought was another fog machine. I would like to have bought the witch that was in one of the pictures (the one that is crouched down) but it was $250.00. Oh well, I got a good picture of it... might have to make one like that one of these days.

The trip did get me a little more motivated about getting some things finished so today I started moving stuff out of the basement and into the garage. I put the new pneumatics in my chained coffin, and a pneumatic cylinder in another coffin I have that opens the lid to show the corpse that is inside of it. I made a couple of videos of these that I was going to post, but they turned out too dark. Maybe I'll make another one tomorrow and get it on here. In the next few days I hope to get my new tombstones painted and re-finish my fence columns to make them look more "rock-like". I also want to touch up the three monster mud creatures I used last year (the scarecrow, watcher, and night watchman).

There are now two houses in my neighborhood with Halloween decorations up. I'll try to get some pictures up after a few more houses put some things out.


Drop Gallow said...

Holy beans, ditto on that witch! Gorgeous prop.

The Pumpkin Queen said...

Awesome stuff!!! Spirit store is the best! Those are all great props, but I especially love the crouching, green witch. I thought it was someone in a costume at first (it wasn't, was it??). The other witch stirring the cauldron is awesome, too. They have awesome shit!

Grim said...

It wasn't a costume, it's just that real looking! It was made out of foam and latex.

Amela Jones said...

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