Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Something I Might Do... One Day.

Andi and I had a pretty good morning out yesterday, looking at and purchasing a few Halloween related items. We saw some really "funny" looking stuff as well, which made me think of this again.

I think it would be pretty funny if the newspaper wrote an article on someones Halloween display (which happens about every year somewhere), giving directions etc. to the house. That same day, the people who the article is written about decide to play a little joke and take everything down and put up just one prop, such as the craziest inflatable thing you have ever seen or something that would have people wondering "Why in the hell did the newspaper write an article on THIS?". It would be a lot of work, but man would it be funny. O.K... maybe not to everyone, but I have a sick sense of humor.

Something like this...

No offense to anyone who uses these, I'm just using this as an example. I'll probably never be in the newspaper anyway... even if I were, I'd be so excited that I would forget all about this idea.

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Anonymous said...

Well, paint me sick, too, because I think that would be hilarious.

I need to admit that that exact inflatable scared the stuffing out of me one year. I was leaving my mother's house and it was in the neighbor's yard. It was the first year those inflatables hit the scene and I had a moment of, "Holy *$%&!! What the heck is that?!"

Grim said...

This one actually isn't that bad... I'm sure you've seen some of the other ones though.

Dave Lowe said...

Your post brings back a painful memory. Many years ago I lived in a small house in Burbank, CA.

It was my first year decorating and It was very basic. A couple of tombstones, a few pumpkins and some cobwebs. Nothing special except I was the only house on the block with any decorations.

On Halloween night I had bitter complaints from a few people saying they drove miles and were very disappointed.

It struck me as odd and figured well, everyone's a critic.

Then, I found out our neighbor who liked what I did was very over excited and had contacted the local paper who was listing "houses to visit" every week that October.

Grim said...

Man, that is TERRIBLE! I can't believe people would say they were disappointed. I would never be able to tell anyone that. I am always glad to see people put forth some type of effort, no matter how big or small. I'm sure the kids appreciate it even more than I do, and that's my main motivation for doing what I do. (Well, that, and it is fun too) I hope that what I do creates great memories for some of the kids who see it, and maybe makes them want to do their own haunt when they grow up. That's what happened to me, I still remember a lot of the houses who put forth some kind of effort for Halloween, and I remember thinking "One day I'm going to do this!".