Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peek-A-Boo Corpse

I should be getting the air cylinder today that I am going to use to make the lid on one of my coffins open. I am thinking about putting this guy inside and rigging him up where it looks like he is pushing the lid open and kind of sitting up a little as the lid opens. I hate to have him hidden in the coffin, but he would work great for that.

I also have a foam corpse that might be "Plan B", where the lid might open and there would just be that corpse laying inside... not moving. Not as fun, but a good use for that prop.

(Don't worry... I pulled off those fake looking spiders.)


Andi said...

or maybe you could find another cheap skeleton/corpse to put in the coffin??? Your bucky corpse is too awesome and detailed to hide!

Anonymous said...