Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Couple of New Corpses

I finished these guys up today, numbers six and seven. I thought they turned out a lot better than my first couple of attempts at making groundbreaker corpses, which has me thinking about re-doing the first two. (Maybe I'll just camouflage my bad work with some "freaky fabric" or something.) Hopefully I'll have about three or four more built over the next couple of weeks.


Johnny said...

That second one looks like a toddler reaching up for a parent.
I love it!

Halloween Spirit said...

They look great! Is that papier mache?

Grim said...

Yes, it is papier mache'. I used a frame made out of pvc pipe, and rolled up newspaper for the skeleton. Pumpkinrot directed me to where there is an awesome tutorial on how to make these. I pretty much just followed that tutorial to make all the groundbreakers that I've made so far.