Thursday, September 4, 2008

Homestead Haunt

I owe this guy a TON of credit, because he was the one who helped me get my start, and has really helped me a lot in my first couple of years of yard haunting. The best part is he lives one street over, and I'm pretty sure we have the best neighborhood for TOT's because of it. He usually gets over 2,000 on Halloween night! Thanks Ross!

This was the garage scene one year.

This is just part of the graveyard in the front of the house, it goes all the way around into the back yard.

Love the corpses in the coffins...

and the gallows are pretty awesome too!

He even has a workshop in his back yard that you can walk through and have the crap scared out of you. (It's set up different every year!)

Lots of other pictures can be found at the link below...
Homestead Haunt Flickr Page


Rot said...

Pretty darn impressive.
oh, to see it at night.

as a kid, i would have stood all night long in front of those coffins.

Grim said...

As an adult, I almost did that... then I remembered I had a yard haunt I needed to tend to.