Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Same House, Different Year

Found this picture of the same house from a different source. This year had a Pumpkinrot style scarecrow. I don't know the name of this haunt, if I find out I'll post it.

Love this haunt.
flickr source

Update: This is the ScareFX Yard Haunt. I was happy to find out that this haunt is located about 2 hours away from where I live. Visit the ScareFX website for more great pictures, how-to's and other great stuff.


ScareFX said...

Many thanks Grim. Been following your blog but it was a surprise to see my yard haunt show up. You can see more on my site

Grim said...

No problem, I love it! Everything looks great, I really like the lighting and I need to find out what kind you used. I tried my regular spotlights but they were not bright enough.

The Pumpkin Queen said...

Yes, that is definitely awesome. Great job, indeed! I LOVE the scarecrow!

ScareFX said...

I use a wide variety of lights Grim. Three sets of low voltage Malibu spots lights for props and accents, several colored spots for shadows and uplighting, a couple of 20-watt amber pin lights, and some LED spots for several props.

scarecrow jim said...

that is so cool i've always wanted to make a sacrecrow
but never had the chance
the house looks awesome