Monday, October 20, 2008

More Frost Pictures

I couldn't resist going out this morning and taking a few more pictures. Everything looked so cool with the frost on it and I didn't know if I would get the chance to take any pictures like this again. I have been leaving my groundbreaker corpses outside for about the last week or so and so far so good. I only take them up if it is supposed to rain. I forgot the other night that it was supposed to rain and had to jump out of bed at four o'clock in the morning to run outside in the rain and move them to the porch. I bet that would have been funny to see, and my neighbors would worry about me just a little bit more. It had just started raining so they didn't really get soaked... I'm just lucky that I heard the rain start. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend leaving these outside, I'm just a risk taker and will rebuild them if I have to.


Johnny said...

The groundbreakers look great!
I LOVE these pics.Gives a wonderful atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic dead world.
Excellent stuff!

ScareFX said...

Wow! Those are some nice shots. Well done.

Rot said...

Agreed! These are fabulous.


suzanne said...

They look great! The frost gives them such a creepy look. Like they've been there for years.

Tisha Leigh said...

Wow, Grim! Your yard looks AWESOME!!! I hope you're gonna make a video so we can see it all in action???

Valhella said...

Stellar photos Grim!
Frosty the corpse could stay out til Christmas then!