Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been pretty happy with my flickering electric lanterns that I made this year. They are simple five dollar gas lanterns from Wal-Mart that were converted to use an electric light bulb, with a fluorescent light starter wired in-line on the power cord to give it that flickering look. I never liked the flicker bulbs that can be bought because they are never bright enough. In these lanterns I usually use a 4 or 7 watt light bulb that is much brighter.


Drop Gallow said...

Okay, every time I check in on this blog I become more envious of your haunt. I'm going to have to request that you dial down the quality of your work. Otherwise, I'll have to continue to be envious and that's just downright inconvenient.

jays shadow said...

i have to old railroad lanterns that i would like to put flicker lights in them.

Grim said...

Thanks Drop.... I guess, haha!

If I can find the link where I learned to make these I'll post it. I couldn't find it earlier when I was looking for it.

jays shadow said... uses a fluorescent starter (fs-5) a inline fuse holder and an extension cord. i got all but the fuse holder. cant find one!
by the way, i love the cloaked ghosts!(my first time on your site and blog thanks to mr. pumpkinrot)

Grim said...

I found a few fuse holders at Radio Shack that I was supposed to have used on these, but I have to admit I never used them. I ran them for hours at a time before using them in my haunt to make sure they would be ok without them and I never had any problem out of them. It's probably a good idea to use them though, and I might add them sometime later. Now watch, because I said that, I'll probably burn something down tonight because I didn't use fuses.

jays shadow said...

i finally got a fuse holder at radio shack(they just got some in) and it works perfect