Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Irish Tales of Horror

I was surprised to find this book on a table we have at work where people commonly leave books for others when they are finished with them. It is usually full of romance novels or other books I wouldn't have any interest in. Needless to say, I grabbed it and brought it home. I have no idea if it is any good or not, hopefully the title isn't a disappointment.
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Johnny said...

If it has Rawhead Rex, it's good. :-)

Unknown said...

Please let us know how it turns out, this would be a combination of two of my favorite things!

suzanne said...

Looks interesting. And in my experience, Peter Haining puts together some great anthologies. :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Very cool, my works free book pile is remarkably similar to yours :D

This would be a score!! Let us know how it is. I love ghost stories!!!


Grim said...

Knowing me and books, it'll be a year before I finish it.