Saturday, July 4, 2009

Obscure Hollow

I found this blog today which has a lot of nice screen shots from several old horror movies. I am going to have to watch several of these movies now, just from looking at the pictures.

Hope everyone has a Happy Independence Day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Strife Pics

Here are a few more pictures of my new Strife prop. I re-used the head and hands from the first groundbreaker corpse I ever attempted to build, which didn't turn out so hot. Actually, they are from this guy. The rest of it is made from a skeleton made from rolled up newspaper, which was covered in paper mache'. Most of the branches I used are from Mountain Laurel, which I have a ton of growing in the woods behind my house. I'm looking forward to building a few more of these this year to line each side of my driveway. Should be a pretty spooky walk for the kids to get their treats this year...

Sun Doesn't Rise Video

I can't believe that for as long as I have liked the band, Mushroomhead, I have never seen this video. YouTube won't let me embed the code here so you will have to follow the link at the bottom. It may not be your kind of music, but if you like scarecrows, crows, and pumpkins, I think you'll like this video. It has a pretty cool looking scarecrow that is tormented by crows, and a little girl who carves a new head out of a pumpkin and puts it on the scarecrow. Best music video I've seen in a while.

Link to Sun Doesn't Rise Video

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strife Video

Sorry it took so long. Hope you like it...

More pictures to come.