Monday, August 18, 2008

It Was a Good Day

Picked up a few Halloween related items at different stores today, and received my package from the Pumpkin Hollow Etsy Shop which was awesome (I'll post some pictures of that later!)...

Trick or Treat Doormat, which might stay out on our front porch year round.

Two candle lanterns, some skeleton garland, and some little gargoyles. I have always been a big fan of gargoyles, so I had to have these.

I couldn't pass up this "Mummy Cat" either...

I doubt if any of the stuff in the middle picture will be used in my display, but it will look neat around the house and workshop.

1 comment:

Tisha Leigh said...

I love the doormat! I have a Halloween one, too. I also like gargoyles. TJ Max had some in different sizes. I gotta' go back and get me some!