Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flickering Lanterns

I am really excited about using my flickering lanterns this year. I fell in love with them after watching the videos on, one of my favorite haunts. After watching this video, I knew I had to make several of them.

Check out the Skull and Bone website for a very amazing and detailed haunt.

Skull and Bone

Video Source


Tisha Leigh said...

Oh, I LOVE the flickering lantern!!! I was going to buy some from Fright Catalog. I gotta' learn how to make those! Very cool.

Grim said...

I wish I could find more of the lightbulbs that I used in some of them. They were flame looking bulbs that light up with an orange looking color. I think they were meant to be used in those Christmas candles that people put in their windows. I only have three of those bulbs, in the other lanterns I just used 4 watt nightlight bulbs. They are pretty easy to make, I can rig one up in probably about 15 minutes now. I takes me longer to paint it than it does to do all the electrical work.

Rot said...

That's looking GREAT.
great seeing Skullandbone's video again. That guy is insanely over-talented.