Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dark Candles

Got my most recent order from Dark Candles yesterday. Here's a picture of some of the items I got. I owe Pumpkinrot big-time for introducing me to this place. The candles are awesome and really do smell like what they are named. One that really gives me the creeps... "Coffin". I'll be burning these this year at my yard haunt as just one more element to add to the atmosphere. I think I'll mainly be using "Graveyard" with some others mixed in here and there. I'm a big fan of "extras" that you may get when ordering from somewhere, and Dark Candles usually throws in a few extra things which are always good. They sell a lot of cool things other than candles also... check it out sometime.

Link to Dark Candles

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Anonymous said...

If you enjoyed their candles you should try Evening Eclipse. They are a company i stumbled across and they offer more variety as far as the sizes of the pillars, and you can also customize your colors for no extra charge.