Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Annual Halloween Costumes

My oldest son usually picks out his own Halloween costume every year, here are some from the last few years.

2004: Skeleton

2005: Hooded Zombie

2006: Ghost
2006 joey halloween

2007: The Haunted Tree

I can't wait to see what he picks this year. Maybe he'll just want me to make him a costume... that would be fun. We had another baby boy in November of 2007, so this year should be double the fun. He might have to be a baby zombie or something like that.


bean said...

oh my god, your kid picks the coolest costumes. i LOVE the hooded zombie.

Grim said...

I would have liked that one for myself... those red eyes were scary.

The Pumpkin Queen said...

See...this is how it all begins..getting your kids into it when they're really little. They'll probably grow up to be yard haunters, too! *evil grin* I like all the costumes, but especially the haunted tree...very unique and creative!