Saturday, June 20, 2009

First 2009 prop in progress

I finally got around to starting my first prop today. I hope it will come out the way I am seeing it in my mind, I drew a sketch of what I wanted it to look like but it is already morphing into something completely different. It's a scarecrow type prop with a lot of influences from... who else... Pumpkinrot. I hope I am able to do his work some sort of justice with this prop, which is kind of borrowing several ideas from several different props. I don't think it will be too hard or take too long to complete, but I don't want to post any pictures until it is just right. Hopefully I'll have some up in about a week or so.

I keep wanting to use the word "Pumpkinrotish", maybe we can all get that one into the dictionary one of these days.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to them!

Johnny said...

Sweet. I love your style. Looking forward to them.

I have a bunch of funkins this year. Now I'm thinking the name of my haunt this year will be, "With apologies to Pumpkinrot" :-)