Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

So it's 1 o'clock in the morning and I just got done breaking everything down and put into the garage... man am I tired. It was worth it though. Had a really big turnout and everyone seemed to like the display. Even convinced a few people to start their own haunts from the sound of it. The kids seemed to like it, some laughed, some cried, some laughed at others crying. The only thing that broke was the ankle blaster that was built into the candy trunk, I think I blew the solenoid in it. It worked fine up until that point though and scared a lot of kids. I was a hooded ghost looking creature, similar to the two ghosts I have in the setup, only a different color. I had fun scraping a shovel on the driveway and shaking this little rattling thing I made at people when they walked by. I'll probably post more tomorrow, but for now I'm going to kick back and see if any scary movies are on. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Halloween Spirit said...

Looks great. Sounds like you had a good night. I can relate to your "some laughed, some cried" comment. I had to remove my mask to get some of the little kids to approach me for treats! A great night!

jays shadow said...

i need to come to your house to join in the scare! i dont get to do that here

The Pumpkin Queen said...

You take everything down the same night? Wow. I'd wait until the next day. Course, I don't have near the set-up that you have. Looks awesome. I wish I could have seen it in person.